Sometimes the world changes its directions

Because of that we have to follow new rules. Some other times we are the ones who want to change directions to be the first on these new paths. I have listed some of my projects in this section. There is one thing I learnt: Do not be afraid of changes or new things and always remember that there are no obstacles in a changing world.

Darkwing Fangame

The Last Action Duck

Play the game, it is my gift to you. This is a fangame, based on Disney's Darkwing Duck franchise. It uses reworked graphics from old NES Capcom/Disney classics like Darkwing Duck, MegaMan, Talespin, Ducktales, Chip & Dale RescueRangers, The Little Mermaid and some others and is a pure hobby project. It is made via Game Maker and Game Maker Studio. My little brother Maxi helped me with the programming. We both wanted to learn about the basics and the amount of work of creating a videogame: the leveldesign, simple enemy AI, sound and gameplay mechanics. Overall, I think developing (and playing) this is a great experience and also a great tribute to a franchise which should be remembered.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL GAME HERE FOR FREE. Use WASD, E, J, K and Enter to play the game. You have to unzip the file first. Please send me your feedback to

Darkwing Duck is property of Disney
Assets from various Capcom games are copyrighted by Capcom. Credited in-game.
Assets created by me are copyrighted by Alexander Max Auernhammer
Code by Maximilian "Lognei" Auernhammer

Gaomonteras Retro

First kickstarter

This was our first Kickstarter project. Visit it here.

Crowdfunding is a thrilling event for mind and soul, ups and downs. This one wasn't meant to be. Everything has to be there at the start. Demo, video, pictures, gifs and text must be right there.
The game is still in development, but we changed the art style. Please support us.



2nd student project

Gaomonteras is a student project which my team and I were creating in about a half year while studying at the Qantm institute. The game is a third person plattformer made in Unity.
I was project lead and it is based on my ideas, I tried to motivate my team to put in some own ideas and it became a colourfull fantasyland, filled with a lot of secrets.
It is a student project and it looks like one, it was our first 3D project it suffers some performance issues, but it was a great lesson, a fun time and a memory I do not want to miss.

In the name of science

Bachelor & Diploma

I have written two documents in the course of my studies. The first one is about "Heroes and Anti-Heroes". Why is there a "anti" in front of a hero? I was surprised about the outcome of this question. Do you want to read it? Click here!

The second text is a dissertation about monster design and easy ways for everyone to create some. It's even longer and more science-y than my Facharbeit, so there is a lot to read. Maybe you will find my results interesting. Also, there is a bonus: pretty pictures. Take a look!

Both texts are written in German, but if you are interested about the topics feel free to mail me.

Leslie's Adventure

The 3rd student project

The second 3D project we did while at SAE (previously Qantm) in Munich. A Unity project created for web and mobile Apple devices. It is a point and click adventure full of puzzles and great atmosphere. The game is about finding a murderer in a hotel, classic stuff. I designed the concept art for the characters, some 3D assets, the levels and made organised a whole bunch of stuff to get everything working in the right order. It is sad that this one was never really finished - the last part is missing and there are still a few bugs.

Assets by team